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Alpha Firing Module

Electric Match - Alpha Firing Module

Alphafire Wireless Firing System is FCC Certified,  and represents the newest technology in consumer fireworks firing systems. When combined with our MJG Firewire Initiators, you can put on a fireworks display just like the pros. There is no longer any reason to hand light your displays.  You can program up to all 4 to 1 button if you like. We have fired 6 in parrallel from 1 cue.  

  • 1x 9 Volt battery per cue required. (not included).
  • 3-position switch for TEST, ARM and power OFF, Low power indicator tells you when batteries need to be replaced. Complete functions, easy to be used
  • Test Current: <20mA
  • Firing Current: >750mA, Max.6A.
  • Decode: Learning code
  • Sizes:  L62xH46xW38mm, antenna is retractile and can be folded
  • RF Radio, OOK, 433.92MHz 
  • Wireless distance is 200 meters  


12 cue system 

  • Power: Internal 6x AA batterybatterry (not included), rechargeable or disposable type. External power Max.20VDC
  • Sizes:  154x108x52.5mm, antenna is retractile and can be folded.
  • Working Voltage: DC 6V to 20V
  • Firing current: >750mA, Max.10A each cue, total current less than 30 Amps.
  • Test current: <40mA
  • Wireless distance is 100 meters


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