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Alpha Firing Module

Electric Match - Alpha Firing Module

Alphafire Wireless Firing System is FCC Certified,  and represents the newest technology in consumer fireworks firing systems. When combined with our MJG Firewire Initiators, you can put on a fireworks display just like the pros. There is no longer any reason to hand light your displays.  Program up to all 4 cues to 1 button if you like. If you have the initiator connected, and the unit powered on, it will stay in ready mode at least 6 hours and will effectively fire when triggered remotely. This was tested on our shoot sites. The manufacture says with a new high-qulaity battery, it can be 3 days. The unit goes into a sleep mode after triggered. If you don't have the initiator connected, it will go into the sleep mode after 10 minutes.

12 cue system 

32 cue system 

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