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Quicksplit 12

Electric Match - Quicksplit 12

Fire up to 12 initiators at 1 time from 1 cue. Now you can fire your quickplugs  in series. Add up to 12 initiators (firing system power pending) to fire at 1 time from 1 cue. Whether you are starting with quickplugs, or using a normal cue, this device works on both. Initiators and quickplug initiators sold separately. 


Recomended seriies firing for Cobra systems:

Energizer 9V* -  8  iniitiators       LiPo Battery   - 9 iniitiators         External 12-24V Input**  16 iniitiators

*COBRA only recommends the Energizer 9V battery brand

** When using external input, the values above assume a 24V source with peak current discharge of 10 amps.





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