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J-tek Ignitor

Electric Match - J-tek Ignitor

Our professional grade product, that has become the most commonly used igniter throughout Canada, United States, and Mexico. It has a lead free composition, and custom sizes and colors available, please use our quote page and email us a copy of your ATF license. There is approximately .03 grams of explosive per igniter head, and at the tail of the wire, we put a slit in them for easier separation. 

J-Tek Match Head Technical Information (PDF Specs)

Part Number Bridge Wire Resistance Maximum No-Fire Current Minimum All-Fire Current Recommended Min. Firing Current Recommended Nominal Fire Current Maximum Test Current N.E.Q.
J-Tek 1 ohm
± .2 ohms
.30 amp. .75 amp. 1.00 amp. 1.25 amp. .04 amp. .03 grams

J-Tek Description

Part Number Lead Length Packaging
per Box
per Case
J-Tek1 12" (30 cm) 80 2400
J-Tek2 24" (61 cm) 80 2400
J-Tek3 36" (91 cm) 80 2400
J-Tek7 78" (198 cm) 40 1200
J-Tek10 120" (305 cm) 30 900
J-Tek12 163" (414 cm) 25 750
J-Tek15 199" (505 cm) 20 600


IMPORTANT: Orders must ship to a government address. Cancellations due to incorrect addresses will be charged a 20% restocking fee. 

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