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Electric Match - F.E.R. Simulator

For Wallbanger and thermotube, select the wallbanger connector.


Attention for time critical orders! Through a special permit, USPS will allow us to ship by Parcel Post only. This process is not like priority, and normally is 5-10 business days. It does not track, or move on weekends,  like priority mail. It will show you an incorrect delivery date and only update when it leaves our local office and arrives at yours. It will not update along the way. 



Bridgewire Resistance Maximum No-Fire Current Minimum All-Fire Current Recommended Minimum Firing Current Recommended Nominal Firing Current Maximum Test Current 
1 ohm ± .2 ohms .30 amp. (300milliamp.) .60 amp (600 milliamp.)  .80 amp  1.00 amp .04 amp (40 milliamp.)

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