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Duplex Wire

Electric Match - Duplex Wire


Virgin PVC insulation - our field proven Vinyl-Plastic insulating compounds meet and surpass the needs for tough, rugged wire insulation. Both oil and water resistant, they are able to take the abuse and punishment of rough terrain. Available in Yellow and Black with polarity stripes, with 2 conductor solid copper wire from 18 to 24 gauge.  (Stranded wire for  18 gauge only) Temperature rated at  -10°C to 60°C


The 18 gauge is used as "trunk line" for connecting firing modules of systems like Fire one, Merlin, Quickfire, and Firelynx.

The 22 gauge(0.6mm) is the most common fireworks connecting wire used on runs of 50 feet or more, or trunk lines on the Starfire digital firing system. Dimensions are .0555 inches x .11 inches

The 24 gauge(0.5mm) is the same wire used in manufacturing the igniters, and small connections of 40 feet or less. Dimenstions are  .0455 inches x .10 inches



Duplex Fireworks Shooting Wire

Part Number Wire Gauge Standard Spool Size Standard Packaging D.C. Resistance Per 1000 FT.
At 25 degrees C


Trunk line


500 & 1,000 FT. 500 FT. = 2 Spools 6.6 ohms ea.
FW22D 22 500 & 1,000 FT. 500 FT. = 8 Spools
1,000 FT. = 4 Spools
16.5 ohms ea.


Igniter wire


500 & 1,000 FT. 500 FT. = 8 Spools
1,000 FT. = 4 Spools
25.6 ohms ea.

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