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Red Hot Buy Online

Used to light black powder and most composite motors

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Composite Rocket Starter Buy Online

Ready to use 8" Starters for your Aerotech model rockets. Requires 1 per launch to ignite your engine.

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BP Rocket Starters Buy Online

Ready to use 4" Starters for your Estes or any black powder model rockets motors. Requires 1 per launch to ignite your engine. Standard are 3mm in diameter, mini's* are 2mm

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MJG Firewire Initiator Buy Online

The only ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. Don't be fooled, the safety explosives act of 2003 regulated all igniters. After many samples and conversations with the ATF, we are proud to announce that we have a non regulated product. *please read the USPS shipping note before placing an order*

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Seminole Duplex Wire Buy Online

Virgin PVC insulation - our field proven Vinyl-Plastic insulating compounds meet and surpass the needs for tough, rugged wire insulation. Both oil and water resistant, they are able to take abuse and punishment of rough terrain. Available in Yellow and Black with polarity stripes, with 2 conductor solid copper wire from 18 to 26 gauge. (Stranded wire for 18 gauge only) Temperature rated at -10°C to 60°C * see 22 guage new packaging note below

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Wire Clip Buy Online

Easily connect duplex wire. Just squeeze insert the wire, and release. A secure connection, every time. You need 1 for each line. These are reusable.

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Nichrome E-match Kit Buy Online

Make your own Igniters. This kit comes with 80 - 3 foot wires with match heads soldered on. Simply mix the 2 jars, dip the igniter wire, and let it dry. No license required. $55.00 Makes 80 igniters and comes with 80 ready to dip igniter wires.

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Alpha Firing Module Buy Online

Alphafire Wireless Firing System is FCC Certified, and represents the newest technology in consumer fireworks firing systems. When combined with our MJG Firewire Initiators, you can put on a fireworks display just like the pros.

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